Welcome to The 500 Word Founder by Jonny Burch.

In late 2018 I founded Progression, a tech company focused on helping teams to build and share career ladders and progression frameworks. I’ve since bootstrapped the company to profitability, found a great co-founder, helped teams across the globe and raised a seed round on Zoom during a bonkers 2020. I’m sure I’ve already forgotten thousands of learnings and mistakes that I’d rather have written down and been able to reflect on. So that ends now.

After semi-regularly writing on my blog through 2018 and 2019 then skipping 2020 (I’d like to blame the world, but I just got out of the habit), this year I’ll be aiming to write this regular short newsletter primarily to enforce reflection but also to share any lessons that I learn as we continue to build and grow our company.

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